Hello, I am a PhD student in complex networks at LIP6, Sorbonne. My background is in computer sciences and my main research interests are graph theory, complex systems and data analysis.

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After two years in French “Classes préparatoires” in Science, I was admitted in ENS Lyon, where I got a master in computer sciences focussed on research. Several internships filled my summers: one in bioinformatics modelling gene interaction networks, and one in the Barabási Lab analysing data about health networks. I also spent a year in Munich studying theoretical physics, and participated in a year-long project on communication systems for physically disabled people (based on electroencephalography and natural language processing).


Networks are fascinating to me and they appear regularly throughout my education. They are now naturally the core of my research.

In September 2020, I started a PhD titled Sorting nodes to scale to massive real-world networks, part of the Limass project. As we have access to arbitrarily big networks collected from various fields (biology, social ties, trade, web), graph algorithms should be linear if we want them to scale. One promising idea is to sort nodes according to specific graph properties (degree, centrality, degeneracy…) to improve experimental run-time and theoretical bounds.

Beforehand, I worked on community detection in dynamic networks. Considering the abundance of results on static graphs, the goal was to adapt these methods to link-streams with high temporal resolution. The literature review and contributions can be read here.


My PhD position is linked to a teaching assistant position. Currently, I co-supervise first-year university students who learn mathematical programming. They use a modified version of Python that enforces typing and asserting. I was previously an oral examiner for theoretical physics in prépa.

As for the programming aspect of computer sciences, I started as a teen with PHP/SQL to develop an online game. Later, I used several languages and was hired as a part-time frontend developer for a car-fleet management system.

Personal interests

Instrumental music is an intense passion. I mostly play the piano and give private lessons. Besides, I sometimes practice the accordion and try to learn the viola. Over the last five years, I sang with classical choirs in Lyon, Munich and Paris.

Linguistics is very appealing to me, and I work on improving my English, German and Spanish.

I like sports to some extent (swimming, cycling, volleyball), but never do it very seriously!

Finally, I’m deeply interested in sustainability, both on an industrial scale with renewable energy, and on an individual scale with local food networks and low consumption.